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Al Zahra Hospital & Mosaic International Launch World’s First Eastern Total Knee Replacement System

Al Zahra Hospital, Sharjah, announced today (Wednesday, October 19, 2011) that it has performed a first-of-its-kind knee implant surgery in the U.A.E. The Freedom Knee™, the world’s first total knee system was implanted in a 48-year old female patient today. This implant has been tested and approved by the US FDA for high flexion activities (e.g. praying, kneeling and sitting on the floor). The latest development complements Al Zahra Hospital’s continuous pursuit of new innovations in the medical field to ensure that UAE residents can be provided with the best possible treatments available across the globe.

Dr Deepak Bhatia, Senior Orthopedic Consultant, Al Zahra Hospital, said, “This has been a breakthrough surgery for us, and we take pride in becoming the first hospital in the region to use a knee implant of this kind. This advanced knee replacement system requires minimum bone cutting, which is a major benefit for the patients, as our population is known to have a high incidence of osteoporosis and less bone stock. Moreover, this knee provides the required high-flexion to allow our patients to perform their daily activities with complete freedom. Patients have also been able to carry out sporting activities such as swimming, golfing, tennis, and hill walking after undergoing this surgery. The availability and multiple choices in size enable this operation to be carried out both in large male and small female patients without any compromise. This is extremely important, as women in our region tend to have smaller bones compared to their Western counterparts”.

Dr Bhatia added that the new implant shortens the hospitalisation to around three days and is also suited for younger patients requiring a knee replacement surgery. The availability of a skilled medical team, state of the art diagnostic equipments and advanced surgical techniques also plays a vital role in such surgeries.

Dr Asit Shah, the lead designer behind the Freedom Knee, pointed out, “Long survival of any joint implant needs good anthropometric analysis based on the target population, and the implant design should take these specific anatomical differences into consideration. The Middle Eastern knee is different as there is a difference in the shape and angle of the tibia and femur. With the high prevalence of obesity and osteoporosis amongst patients in the region, by the time the patient has come for surgery the knee problems are very advanced. With the new system available, patients can be assured of a high-flexion knee replacement that requires minimum bone resection.”

“At Mosaic International, we continuously strive towards providing the best solutions to suit the needs of our patients and assist them in restoring their mobility. We are delighted to launch this unique knee joint replacement system which will give the patient enhanced freedom of movement and function,” said Nand Kapadia, Managing Director of Mosaic International.

The Freedom Knee has been launched by Mosaic International, one of the leading healthcare solutions providers in the GCC, in association with Maxx Medical, a global medical device company with USA-based research and manufacturing facilities. Mosaic International, founded by Anil Khimji and Nand Kapadia is engaged in the distribution of a comprehensive range of innovative and cost effective healthcare products.

Al Zahra Hospital was established in 1981 by Gulf Medical Projects Company. The 100 bed hospital is the first and the largest private general hospital in the UAE. The Group is known for its recognized medical team and investment in latest technology. Currently Al Zahra Hospital is expanding its range of services and bed capacity.

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