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Wadis warning following drowning in flash flood

Anna Zacharias

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FUJAIRAH // The municipality is warning residents to stay away from wadis after the drowning of an Emirati man, 27, in a flash flood at Wadi Wurayah on Friday.

"Wadis are like fire, you cannot underestimate them," said Mohammed Al Afkham, the general manager of the municipality.

"Their water comes very fast and very strong. We want locals and visitors to stay away from dangerous places. Don't go inside the wadis and be aware of the weather."

The municipality did an inspection tour of roads and dams across the emirate and has reopened roads that were closed after heavy rainfall last week. More rain is expected until Wednesday.

Every year there are deaths in Northern Emirates wadis because of heavy rains.

"Fujairah is all wadis and dams. You cannot fence all of Fujairah," Mr Al Afkham said. "We are putting extra signs to keep our people away."

Police yesterday said the man who died on Friday had hiked 2 kilometres into the wadi with two friends.

His friends chose to climb the mountain but he decided not to, leaving him caught in the flash flooding, which carried his body for 200 metres.

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