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Blacksmith bit off part of roommate's ear, court told

Salam Al Amir

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DUBAI // A blacksmith admitted to biting off his roommate's right ear, leaving him permanently disabled, a Dubai court heard this morning.

SM, a 22-year-old Indian, told Judge Hamad Abdul Latif he did not start the fight with RN, 35, also Indian. But he admitted to biting the tip off of RN's right ear, leaving him 1 per cent disabled.

He is charged with assault and illegal alcohol consumption.

Records show that at midnight on August 18, the men, who shared a room, began fighting.

RN testified that he had known SM for more than a year, and both lived in the same room at Al Fatah Contracting Company in Muhaisenah 2.

He said that on the night of the incident, SM entered the room extremely drunk.

"He attacked me and bit my ear. I tried to push him away from me, but he had his teeth tightened on my ear to the extent that when I pushed him away, he cut its tip off," RN told prosecutors.

He denied assaulting SM, and said that his screams brought an Egyptian colleague to the room, who saw the bleeding and called police.

"I don't know his reasons for attacking me," RN said.

SM said they both were in the room consuming whisky together when a dispute erupted over where they ate. He said RN attacked him first.

A verdict is scheduled for October 27.

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