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Fatal accident snarls Dubai traffic

The National Essam Al Ghalib

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DUBAI // Two men were killed and a third injured in a rush-hour traffic accident yesterday morning, officials said.

The wreck, which involved a pickup truck and a lorry, occurred just before 9am on the Business Bay Bridge, police said. A Dubai Traffic Police official said the pickup swerved out of its lane for an unknown reason and struck the rear of a lorry.

Two men in the pickup were killed instantly, while the driver suffered moderate injuries. The lorry driver was uninjured.

"At 8.52am, the Rashidiya station traffic police responded to the scene of a major collision on the Business Bay Bridge that had occurred in the Deira direction," the traffic police official said. "The accident resulted in the death of two men and the moderate injury of a third."

The driver of the pickup was taken to Rashid Hospital.

Police are investigating the incident, which caused a traffic jam that lasted nearly an hour as officials worked to clear the scene and reopen the bridge.

Mamdouh Abu Salem, 32, an Egyptian security guard, said he and other guards on the minibus taking them to their postings were delayed about 45 minutes because of the wreck.

"Traffic was completely stopped for almost 30 minutes, so we knew that something happened," Mr Abu Salem said. "Then slowly traffic started moving again and that's when we saw the emergency flashing lights of the ambulances and police cars ahead. As we passed the accident, we saw a pickup truck on a tow truck and it was completely smashed from the front."

In an unrelated incident, motorists coming into Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road about 1pm today could see three camels walking and eating inches from traffic. A herder was not attending to the animals.

"They were right at the edge eating and walking about," a witness said. "They were about an inch from the road. I had never seen that before."


Two killed, one hurt in rush-hour accident on Business Bay Bridge.

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