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Bee’ah Pioneers New Outdoor Media Utilizing Wasted Light

Bee’ah, the Middle East’s integrated environmental and waste management company, has launched a new outdoor advertising media on pedestrian recyclers pioneering a way to use wasted light.

The new advertising media utilises reflective boards placed on Bee’ah’s pedestrian recyclers situated at prominent locations across Sharjah, to illuminate environmental corporate messages during night and day.

Reflective boards are becoming the essential tool for maximum exposure for businesses helping to reduce the cost of light and valuable energy. The mechanism is most effective in the dark when exposed to headlights from passing traffic and street lights.

Over 1,750 recyclers are installed throughout the emirate of Sharjah, offering brands one of the highest market footfall and interaction figures amongst outdoor and print media.

Najib Faris, the Marketing and Communication Senior Manager at Bee’ah, commented, "Being at the forefront of positive environmental change, it is our commitment to introduce new tools to help preserve the environment of Sharjah. Bee’ah is the first company to introduce the reflective technique in its advertising boards, thus eliminating the use of electricity to power lights on the recycler."

Advertising on recyclers is still a relatively new concept in the UAE, while other street furnishings such as mupis, lamp posts, bus shelters and benches are being employed extensively. Bee’ah wishes to change this perception, "By advertising on our recyclers, brands will be positioned in a better limelight, as choosing to partner with responsible ways of recycling and helping to lower carbon emissions, thus fulfilling their corporate responsibility mandate," explained Najib Faris.

Bee’ah recyclers have been voted as the best media to reach out to individual interactivity and ensure campaigns communicate between the target audience in both Sharjah and Ajman. Street furniture accounts for approximately 40% of the total out-of-home UAE Advertising market, as opposed to the average of 20% worldwide, as quoted by Mediaedge. Multinationals based in the UAE have expressed their interest to advertise on recyclers, as a means to present themselves as environmentally conscious companies.

The Bee’ah recyclers offer advertising messaging space for responsible brand positing. The communication can be placed on either side of the recycler; via reflective board panels or by wrapping advertisements over the entire surface area.

3-stream pedestrian recyclers are an initiative by Bee’ah that aims to encourage recycling amongst the residents of Sharjah and Ajman. The recyclers incorporate state-of-the-art design and manufacturing quality, they are highly functional and user friendly, and are maintained and cleaned daily. The installation of the 3-stream pedestrian recyclers have helped encourage Sharjah residents to incorporate the 3Rs (reduce, re-use and recycle) into their lifestyle, and to successfully utilize them in the correct way.

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