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Tiny Toy Schnauzer for adoption

IMPORTANT! * Please make appropriate investigation before doing any transaction with individuals/ organizations you find through this website.
* Never provide your personal or banking information with your classified ads or through email.
* will not be responsible or liable for any such loss.
* Please report any suspicious postings, emails, or other activities at Contact Us page. Follow We have cute and adorable pure breed Tiny Toy Schnauzer puppies that are very sociable and unique in style.They are loved by us and we do live with then in our living room.They are 12 weeks old and do weighs 14 lbs.They do like to play with kids and had not yet been nurtured. If you need to adopt a Tiny Toy Schnauzer puppy then mail back and you will have the best from us.

Image of Tiny Toy Schnauzer for adoption

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