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Quality Kush at moderate prices(

IMPORTANT! * Please make appropriate investigation before doing any transaction with individuals/ organizations you find through this website.
* Never provide your personal or banking information with your classified ads or through email.
* will not be responsible or liable for any such loss.
* Please report any suspicious postings, emails, or other activities at Contact Us page. Follow Bubba Kush is the newest strain of legal bud we offer. It features a potent smoke and sweet smelling bubble gum aroma! This bud smokes super smooth and is composed of chunks of bud with small red and pink hairs. Awesome smell as soon as you open the bag. Bubba Kush is a great introduction to our legal herbal bud smokes for anyone who enjoys fresh herbs.
Bubba Kush is a hybrid all natural bud smoke that grows wild in thailand and several other asian islands. This bud is not available anywhere else! if in need mail us at((

Image of Quality Kush at moderate prices(

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