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Bee’ah Tackles Beach Litter, Urging Cooperation From The Public

Walking through one of Sharjah’s beaches on the day following the weekend is a site for sore eyes. The coastlines are littered with plastic cups, broken glass bottles and black charcoal ashes from the remains of barbecues; evidence of a fun family outing!

Bee’ah, the Middle East’s leading and award-winning integrated environmental and waste management company, is raising the alarm for Sharjah residents and encouraging them to correctly dispose of their waste after barbecues and picnics, to ensure that Sharjah’s beaches remain safe, clean and beautiful for the public to enjoy.

Starting today, Bee’ah has launched a one month awareness-raising campaign focusing on beach cleaning, and picnic ethics. The campaign is being launched prior to the occasion of National Day (a time that witnesses the highest footfall of picnickers on beaches in the UAE), and will set up signs along Sharjah’s beaches as well as distribute bags and informative flyers to instruct and educate the public with tips on how to dispose of their picnic waste properly. Moreover, students from schools, universities and colleges, as well as the Sharjah community, will join Bee’ah in a Beach Cleanup event which will take place today at the Mamzar beach in Sharjah.

As part of Bee’ah’s overall integrated waste management solutions, which include recycling, waste minimization and community outreach and awareness, Tandeef – the cleaning and beautification division of Bee’ah – is undertaking the task to restore the beauty and cleanliness of Sharjah’s beaches. The company has provided designated waste bins to collect charcoals, general waste and recyclable plastic and aluminium cans, and has put their beach-cleaning vehicles on intensive schedules to collect waste and recover recyclables for processing at the Bee’ah Waste Management Complex in Al Saj’ah.

“Tandeef believes that residents which live and work in a clean space strive to maintain its cleanliness. Many of these barbecues are left burning, and not only release toxins into the air from burnt plastic and food waste, causing mass littering problems for others, but also cause second-degree burns for people who which to enjoy a nice evening on the beach.” said Khaled Al Huraimel, Chief Executive Officer of Bee’ah. “Laws prohibit littering in public areas, but enforcement has to come from the people themselves. By launching this clean-up programme, we hope to help Sharjah take a step forward to leading the way to conserving our environment and keeping our city clean.”

It is estimated that Tandeef collects barbecue and picnic waste from approximately 600 picnic sites across all of Sharjah’s beaches. Much of the waste collected is plastic bottles and bags, aluminium cans, glass and cigarette stubs, but most of it is the black coals and ash left from barbecues, which create a rather unpleasant black-spotted beach destination.
As part of the campaign, residents of Sharjah are advised to bring their own barbecue grills and to dispose them correctly, as much of the leftover barbecue charcoals are left invisible under a thin layer of sand, and pose a harm to beach goers who often tend to step on these still scorching coals, hours or even days after, and burn their feet.

To properly dispose of barbecue coals, barbecue goers should first cool them by immersing them in water or sand. Once they are entirely cool, they should be disposed of in the charcoal bins provided by Tandeef, situated along the Sharjah beaches.

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