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Creativity Between Paper And Electronic Power

A seminar on “Creativity between Paper and Electronic Power” was held on Monday evening in the number one forum in the Sharjah International Book Fair 2011. The seminar was chaired by Abdel-Fattah Sabri from the Department of Culture and Media& there were various speeches for each of, the Iraqi translator and critic Dr. Fadel Thamer, President of the Writers Union in Iraq, the Egyptian poet and writer, Dr. Adel Maati, head of regional channels sector in Egypt and the Syrian researcher, Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaradi, member of the Writers Union in Syria.

In introducing the participants in the seminar, Abdel Fattah Sabri said: Dr. Fadel Thamer is the President of the Writers Union in Iraq; he has published several books, writings and researches, as well as Dr. Adel Maati Starter is a drama writer, poet and playwright. And Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaradi, is the author of several books, diverse studies and poetry.

In an intervention for Dr. Thamer Al Fadel, he said "developments under the Web have significant impacts on the world, and the modern technologies and Internet age are urgent needs in creativity."

He also added: “Absolute Innovation, whether by paper or through modern technologies and Internet, means that creativity is contained in the various fields, colors, and roads, and the difference lies in the means of transferring innovation and the problems caused by these means." He pointed out that "the new generation does not tend to write & read in paper, but instead through the Internet." Turning to discuss the competition of electronic to the hard copy and how risky it is, and what are the possibilities for the development of paper writing, and if there is a possibility of coupling between them like interactive writing, and how it is vital to take advantage of modern technology and Internet, he gave examples such as new children books, which gave more space for the image & included CD-ROMs.

In his turn, said Dr. Adel El Maati said in his speech: "the problem of paper and electronic theme is obvious," and "The new generation relationship is strong and powerful with the computer and electronic, which calls for research and debate, especially the attempt to answer some questions such as: Do technology and electronic pull the rug from under the paper book, and are we witnessing a change in the Poetry quote “ the best sitter in time is a book” into “the best time sitter in time is a computer” for example.

He continued: "Despite the importance of technical and the quality hops it achieved, the enjoyment of the book remains, and the reader is able to embrace it and take it with him, for it has a particular charm, since reading the book compels us to take a position in life more clearly from reading the mail."

And he concluded that "creativity is all what reflects the self and a real creative moment is all what human reacts with." He emphasized that “paper creativity lit the way for us and we grew up with, taking into account the evolution of the book in light of technology in the form and content, but today he will find a formidable contender in the content of a digital in its huge input and data. However a paper book remains expressing close communications and creates intimacy between the speakers & panelists, while the e-book creates continuity from afar." Moreover he said:" I fear that one day Sharjah International Book Fair will be no more than one room full of CDs and publishing houses that publish online, but besides all this the charm and privacy of the paper book remains. "

Nevertheless he added, "The paper book creates a kind of dialogue with the reader, where the electronic have weakened the emotions among the people."

Following, Dr. Ibrahim Jaradi in his intervention said: "We are a generation before the control of the internet and we belong to the paper writing generation," noting that "the electronic is an abbreviation of time and space and overcomes the sergeant," and pointed out that "creativity is linked to the story, the novel, theater, poetry, and similar other genres.” He stated that " paper creativity is still in control of the electronic creativity, and the proof is that most famous poets even now are ones using paper like Mahmoud Darwish, as well as is the case with the paper novel and the rest of the literary genre, that is, the generation that came before the electronic power and the Internet is still the prevailing, which may be by virtue of habit.”

Lastly, Dr. Jaradi wondered, "Remains the key question is whether electronic creativity budges paper creative? And yes, possible, this may happen with the new generation who grew up under the electronic shadow, but it should be pointed to the importance and the need to preserve the moral values, although the electronic writing liberated Arab human from the sergeant, cowardice and the fear of power. "

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