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British girl 'molested' at Atlantis

Dubai: A man has been charged with sexually assaulting an 11-year-old British girl, L.R., in the Atlantis Hotel. The Pakistani defendant, M.A., 25, a security guard, denied the charges when he appeared in the Criminal Court of First Instance on Wednesday and asked the presiding judge for a lenient verdict.

According to records, the alleged incident occurred on April 13.

In her statements to prosecutors, L.R. said she was with her younger sister and other children touring the rooms on the 22nd floor of the hotel when the alleged assault took place. The children were heading to the Bridge Suite, records show.

M.A. was working as a guard in one of the rooms on that floor and reportedly asked the girl to kiss him, but she refused. Prosecutors said he suddenly grabbed her and hugged her for a few minutes. L.R. pushed him away and ran off.

Lieutenant K.S. of Dubai Police testified that the defendant confessed to grabbing the girl. Records show that M.A. confessed to prosecutors that he did hold the girl but for less than a minute. A verdict is expected on June 8.

On trial for kicking dog

A British engineer has been charged with kicking his neighbour's dog. The defendant, D.F., 50, a resident of Mirdif, confessed in court on Wednesday to consuming alcohol, but denied trespassing and assaulting his neighbour's German Shepherd puppy. The incident dates back to November 8, 2010.

According to records, D.F. was under the influence of alcohol when he allegedly trespassed into the backyard of K.B., 26, a hospital clerk. K.B. rushed out when he heard the animal's cry and found D.F. reportedly kicking Max, the dog. Prosecutors said K.B. tried to restrain the intruder, who managed to flee. D.F. told prosecutors that he had only opened his window and the dog attacked him, adding that he pushed it away in self-defence. The next hearing is scheduled for May 30.

Murder bid denied 

An Egyptian man, A.M., denied charges of attempting to murder his compatriot roommate and colleague, M.A., for reportedly spreading rumours that he was a homosexual.

Court records show both men worked for a glass installation company. The incident occurred on December 12, 2010 when the men returned to their apartment in International City for a midday break. Records show that A.M. tied M.A.'s hands and legs on the pretext of showing a magic trick. When M.A. complained it was hurting him, A.M. said: "It's better that your hand hurts, and not your heart."

A.M. accused his roommate of spreading rumours that he was a homosexual, which the latter repeatedly denied. Then A.M. grabbed a knife from the kitchen and allegedly stabbed M.A. in the neck while he was watching TV, records show. The victim reportedly went downstairs and asked the security guard to call an ambulance and the police.

The next hearing is set for June 8.

Two get 3 years

Two Chinese, a woman and a man, were sentenced to three years in prison each for running a brothel and forcing two German sisters, ages 12 and 16, into prostitution. The two were also charged with overstaying their visas.

Charges dropped

A court dropped murder attempt charges against a man following a reconciliation by both parties. Records show that Pakistani defendant A.M stabbed Somali salesman A.H. with a dagger over jumping of queue at Port Rashid.

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