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Man rammed police car during high-speed chase, court told

Salam al Amir

DUBAI // A man caused nearly Dh150,000 in damage to a police car when he rammed it during a chase on Sheikh Zayed Road, then fought with officers trying to arrest him, a court was told this morning.

The Emirati HM, 23, is also charged with assaulting his wife, MA, 25, and endangering her life as well as those of police officers as he drove MA's car recklessly through Dubai last summer.

According to records, on July 25, as MA was leaving her job in Dubai, HM got into her white Hummer, slapped her and took the wheel. He then sped down Sheikh Zayed Road before a police patrol spotted him and chased him onto back roads.

WN, a police officer who chased the Hummer, said HM drove on pedestrian walkways and rammed a police car from the side and the back. He added that HM stopped the vehicle when he reached his residence and WN tried to arrest him, but was attacked by HM's brother AM, 26.

"The other officers restrained him but he managed to kick me in the leg," WN said.

AM and a friend, AJ, are separately charged with assaulting police officers. HM's sister AMH, 26, is accused of coming out to the car and insulting MA.

The next hearing was scheduled for June 26.

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