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Man says 583 marijuana cigarettes were for personal use

The National Salam al Amir

DUBAI // A 37-year-old trader admitted this morning trying to smuggle 583 marijuana cigarettes – but said they were for his personal use.

PR, from Uganda, told the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance he did not intend to sell the cigarettes. Prosecutors accused him of smuggling the hand-rolled smokes for the purpose of trafficking. The marijuana weighed 427 grams, records said.

PR was also charged with consuming a banned substance.

According to his testimony, PR said he had smoked 60 of the cigarettes on the top of his building in Al Hamriyah area.

He also said he intended to sell some of the cigarettes, which were found in his brother's car.

WM, an officer from Al Rafaa police station testified that on February 19, police were called to move a vehicle left at a petrol station. When he arrived, drivers told him that two men had left the car about an hour earlier and did not return. The vehicle was blocking the way for trucks and buses.

WM said officers searched the car as a precautionary measure and found the cigarettes in the box below the spare tyre.

The next hearing will be on June 26.


He is accused of smuggling the drug into the country for sale.

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