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Wild dogs kill 70 sheep, goats in Ras Al Khaimah

Dubai: Eight wild dogs attacked and killed some 70 sheep and goats after they stormed into a livestock farm in the Al Mudhafaq area of Ras Al Khaimah on Tuesday morning, said the owner of the farm.

Ali Al Diban, the Emirati owner said he received a call from the watchman in the farm early morning informing him that a group of wild dogs attacked his farm and killed about 70 animals.

The watchman who was in deep sleep woke up after he heard strange sounds coming from the farm, he said. He rushed to the farm and chased the dogs out of the farm.

Huge losses

Al Diban said that he informed the Department of Public Works and Services about the attack which caused him huge losses.

"The farm is located in Al Mudhafaq area close to the mountains. Wild dogs live in caves in those mountains and often come down to attack animals at night time," he said, adding that the similar incidents also took place in the past in other livestock farms in the area.

He said as they were reflecting on how to deal with the phenomenon, the wild dogs attacked the farm again for the second consecutive day on Wednesday and killed five goats and injured many others.

Dog bites

"Dog bites were found on the bodies of the dead animals," he added

The Emirati owner called upon the authorities concerned to take action against wild animals to protect their livestocks.

He requested them to take quick measures against the wild dogs since they pose a risk not only to animals but also to the residents in the area.

Measures planned

An official at the Department of Public Works and Services in Ras Al Khaimah said that they have been already been informed about the attack of the wild dogs on animal farms. They said they would soon come up with some measures to trap the wild dogs.

A source who spoke in condition of anonymity told Gulf News that there is an American woman who volunteered to build shelter for stray dogs and cats.

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