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Watchman's finger chopped off in scuffle with two youths

Sharjah: A building watchman's fingertip was chopped off allegedly by two youngsters impersonating CID officers, Gulf News has learnt.

Another watchman was also injured following the botched extortion.

Police said they were investigating the alleged incident which took place on Saturday night in Al Qassimiya area in Sharjah.

The victim, Mustafa Puthalath, a 35-year-old Indian working as a watchman in a building in the area, also sustained deep and long cut that ran from his shoulder to his palm on his left hand. He also had a minor cut on his belly.

Another Indian watchman identified as Jamal was also injured in the incident, which took place around 9.30pm.

The attack took place three days after Puthalath returned from a three-month vacation in India. Jamal had served as Puthalath's replacement during his absence.

He is still undergoing treatment at the Kuwait Hospital and hopes to go back to India to continue his medical treatment once he is discharged in another day or two.

How it all unfolded

Narrating the incident, from his hospital bed, Puthalath said: "Two youngsters, about 20 years old, wearing T-shirts and shorts approached me and Jamal while we were standing below the building and asked us to present our ID cards."

Suspicious of their looks, the men demanded the youngsters to produce their ID cards.

"[As] they approached us, Jamal warned me that these were the same boys who snatched Dh60 out of his pocket and [had run] away last month," Puthalath said. "Soon after we asked for their ID's, one of the boys grabbed my collar and attempted to take money from me, [while] the other took out a paper cutter and attacked us."

Puthalath said he did not immediately notice that his left index finger had been chopped off.

After being admitted to a hospital, doctors told him his veins had been severed and performed a surgery, he said.

Jamal sustained a cut on his hand that required 15 stitches and has since been discharged from hospital. Both of them hail from Kozhikode in Kerala.

Although knife attacks are uncommon, CID impersonators are not, according to a grocery-store employee in the locality.

"There have been issues with youngsters posing as CID [officers] and demanding money from groceries in the past, but the news of attack is shocking," he said.

A source at the Kuwait hospital said that Sharjah Police are investigating the incident.

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