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Drivers urged to ensure proper tyre pressure

Dubai: Drivers who fail to check their tyre pressure and are involved in accidents will be held liable and questioned, cautioned a chief traffic prosecutor yesterday.

Motorists should drive cars that are mechanically safe and properly maintained to avoid endangering lives of other road users, according to Chief Traffic Prosecutor Salah Bu Farousha, Head of Dubai Traffic Public Prosecution (TPP).

His warning came in light of what Bu Farousha described as a "tragic accident" that killed one Filipina and injured seven individuals after a Pakistani driver lost control over his bus on Tuesday evening due to a flat tyre.

"The 34-year-old Pakistani has been detained because, according to primary investigations, he is responsible for the accident. He should have double checked the tyres' pressure of the bus.

Lost control

Prosecutor Ali Khater, who conducted the onsite inspections, said the suspect lost control near the World Trade Centre tunnel immediately after the tyre ruptured.

The suspect remains in detention as the investigation continues and Bur Dubai Police Station has been asked to provide traffic prosecutors with a copy of the accident report. Bu Farousha said the number of accidents due to raptured tyres increase during the summer months, leading to tragedy.

"That's why traffic prosecutors depend highly on technical reports while investigating such accidents… we mainly depend on the findings, concerning the tyre pressure, reached by the experts at Dubai Police's mechanical workshops," he added.

Traffic prosecutors have recorded 54 deaths resulting from traffic accidents since the beginning of this year, until Tuesday's accident. "TPP recorded 81 deaths which resulted from traffic accidents for the same period during last year."

Bu Farousha called on motorists to obey the law and drive safely.

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