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Reports A 4-Fold Surge In Recycling Levels In Sharjah

Bee’ah, the UAE’s leading integrated environmental and waste management company, today announced a sharp rise in recycling levels in Sharjah for the first quarter of 2011.
Recent audits conducted at Bee’ah’s Waste Management Complex (WMC) in Al Saj’ah have revealed a 34% drop in waste delivered to the landfill in Q1 of 2011, as compared to the same period last year; a result of the combined efforts of each division and the successful implementation of various community awareness programmes across the emirate.
These include the sophisticated infrastructure and facilities at Al Saj’ah for systematic segregation and waste processing, implementation of widespread clean-up operations across Sharjah by Tandeef, installation of additional 3-stream pedestrian recyclers and the launch of the residential recycling programme to encourage Sharjah residents to incorporate the 3Rs (reduce, re-use and recycle) into their lifestyle. Additionally, the Bee’ah School of Environment, an initiative supported by the Sharjah Education Zone, has been an astounding success and aims to educate children about being environmentally conscious from a very early age.
“Taking into consideration that recycling is still new to the region, the figures are a testament to the fact that Bee’ah’s investment in expanding operations and improving systems is paying off,” said Khaled Al Huraimel, Chief Executive Officer of Bee’ah.
“I would also like to thank our partners in this success - the residents, local authorities and businesses across Sharjah, who have contributed significantly in increasing recycling across the emirate to create a cleaner environment.”
One of the highest contributors in increasing recycling levels has been plastic - including PET and mixed plastic, with a 700% increase from March 2010 to 2011, paper and cardboard second at 366%, followed by a 135% increase in aluminium recycling for the same period.
Directing attention to the achievements of each facility, Municipal Solid Waste diversion rates from the Al Saj’ah landfill increased from 14% in 2010 to 33.7% in 2011 - over 100 million kilograms of organic waste recycled at the Al Saj’ah Compost plant, 90% of construction and demolition waste recovered, and over 286,000 tyres recycled every month at the Tyre Recycling Facility. Moving forward, Bee’ah aims to increase the diversion rate from 33.7% to 40% by the end of 2012.
Bee’ah and the Sharjah Municipality - strategic partners since 2009, have successfully transformed the Al Saj’ah landfill at Bee’ah’s WMC into a safe disposal site that represents an entirely new approach to waste management in the region.
Al Huraimel concludes, “Bee’ah’s long-term strategy for growth is to position the company as a leader of environmental change not only in Sharjah, but beyond borders, as we make plans to expand into other emirates as well.”

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