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ADIA ensures seamless arrival flow of pilgrims

2011-11-09 14:37:52
WAM Abu Dhabi, Nov 9th, 2011 (WAM) -- Abu Dhabi International Airport (ADIA) handled the arrival of the first pilgrims ensuring a smooth and convenient process for all passengers.

A total of 7 charter Hajj flights arrived today to the Capital's airport bringing around 2,000 pilgrims from Jeddah on board Etihad Airways and Saudi Arabian Airline aircraft.

ADAC estimates more than 5,000 pilgrims will arrive to Abu Dhabi onboard 15 non-scheduled charter flights, with more expected to arrive on the regular scheduled flights for both airlines, within the coming three days.

Under ADAC's comprehensive plan for handling the return flights from the holy lands to the UAE, a dedicated number of employees have been allocated to facilitate the pilgrims' arrival procedures, and to assist in delivering and carrying luggage.

ADAC has specific areas to deliver Zamzam holy water containers post the customs procedures to ensure travellers receive these promptly and smoothly.

Harib Ghannam Al Hameli, Vice President Operations, Abu Dhabi International Airport at ADAC explained"As pilgrims return from their spiritual journey, Abu Dhabi International Airport welcomes them with full preparations to ensure eased flow and complete satisfaction. Abu Dhabi Airports Company is working closely with all airline companies and all entities at Abu Dhabi International Airport, including Ports and Airports Security Department, Immigration, Medical Services, Ground Services, and all the other concerned governmental and non governmental entities to facilitate the procedures and to harness all the efforts to smooth the process of pilgrims in their trip back to Abu Dhabi. We are dedicating information counters in all arrival terminals to service pilgrims as they arrive and provide them with the needed information and guidelines." To ensure the safety of pilgrims travelling or transiting from Abu Dhabi International Airport, ADAC has in place a customised plan to guarantee quick response, which includes equipping the airport's clinic with all medical equipments needed to provide medical care to pilgrims in the airport.


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