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"Horses Oil Painting" Workshop At SLC

The Art and Educational Center at Sharjah Ladies Club, held an effective workshop under the title “How to paint horses using oil colors”. The workshop was presented by artist Hiba Al Shareef, who taught participating women the basics of oil painting. This workshop comes within the series of workshops that the center holds in order to encourage individuals in embracing diverse art forms.

This workshop comes within the “Precious Investment” campaign, which is released by the Supreme Council for Family Affairs within all its institutions, aiming in forming families, educational and social institutions, and ready in facing future challenges through raising children and preparing them well.

At first, Hiba welcomed participants of the workshop and spoke in detail about the art of oil paint using several examples and models. Hiba explained that oil paint is a form of slow-drying paint which mixes pigment in drying oil, and also mentioned simple steps that must be followed in drawing horses while using oil colors.

“Through our programs we encourage the public to practice such artistic activities for its significant role in developing their talents and introducing them to different drawing techniques and methods. Moreover, these activities contribute in public awareness of the importance of art on a personal and psychological scale. As well as being a contributing factor in clearing their mind, and spend more quality time with friends in a private atmosphere”, said Sara Al Marzouqi, Art & Educational Center Manager.

The workshop hosted approximately 13 women of different ages who learned several techniques in Oil painting and coloring. In conclusion, participants kept all art pieces that were produced by them during the workshop.

It is worth mentioning that the Art & Educational Center organizes such workshops to develop and refine talents through new, easy techniques, suitable for all ages. In addition, it is ready to organize three various workshops in oil-paint drawing with artist Hiba Al Shareef this month of November.

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