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Berry good hybrids hit shelves in Mirdif supermarkets

Dubai: Two exotic new fruits, both hybrid mixes, have gone on sale in Mirdif supermarkets.

The Pineberry, a bizarre mix of pineapple and strawberry, and the Kiwi Berry, which as its name suggests is a cross between a kiwi and a berry, have both proved extremely popular with products flying off the shelves faster than they can be replaced.

The fruits were spotted at chain supermarkets in Mirdif this week. The Pineberry, often referred to as an Albino Strawberry, has a white skin with tiny red pips: the reverse of a regular strawberry. The fruit, once bitten into, tastes surprisingly similar to a pineapple, hence it's name.

The fruit is available in most Spinneys outlets for a limited period with a 200g box retailing at around Dh23. "As soon as the berries came in, they flew off the shelf," says a salesperson at the supermarket.

The striking Kiwi Berries are sold at the Carrefour hypermarket in Mirdif City Centre. At just Dh5.25 for a 125g box, the Kiwi Berry, a Chilean import, is similar in size to a grape and has a smooth, edible, fuzz-free skin on the outside, with a miniature replica of a kiwi on the inside, and is high in flavour and nutrition.

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