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Sharjah museums highlight heritage

Sharjah: Catch a glimpse of ancient and modern ships at the Sharjah Maritime Museum today. Or if you fancy calligraphy, an exhibition on making calligraphic tools at the Calligraphy Museum could very well be in your to-do list today.

These events are part of the three-day celebration of International Museums Day in Sharjah which ends today, and which is home to 16 museums, currently the largest number in the region. With the theme ‘Museums in a Changing World — New Challenges, New Inspirations', the cele-bration in Sharjah aims to highlight the museums' crucial role in preserving the civilisation and cultural heritage, and promoting tourism in the emirate.

"Sharjah's museums help in the appreciation of our precious cultural heritage in a modern and scientific manner and environment. Each one of Sharjah's museums is a tribute to a particular aspect of science, history, culture and entertainment and attracts visitors from different ages and nationalities from all around the world," Mohammad Ali Abdullah Al No'man, director general of the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA), said.

With more than half a million museum visitors every year, Al No'man said these museums have immensely contributed to the tourist influx in the emirate.

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