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Man jailed 2 years for escaping from police detention

Dubai: A man was jailed for two years for destroying a steel-netted door on the rooftop of Al Muraqabat Police Station and escaping from detention.

The Dubai Court of First Instance jailed the 29-year-old Iraqi man, J.Q., for two years because he broke away from the detention centre where he was being detained.

“The accused will have to pay Dh2000 [the cost of the repairs of the steel-netted door] to Dubai Police. He will be deported following the completion of his punishment,” said the presiding judge in courtroom four on Sunday.

In February, the Court of First Instance sentenced in absentia J.Q. and his 46-year-old Iranian accomplice, E.A., to three years in jail.

J.Q. contested against the judgment in absentia and was handed two years in jail during yesterday’s retrial.

Prosecutors charged the defendants of damaging the steel-netted door, climbing down a makeshift rope from the roof of the police station and absconding. They were charged with breaking out of the station and wrecking police property.

The two defendants pleaded not guilty.

According to the charge sheet, E.A. and J.Q. were detained at Al Muraqabat Police Station over theft cases. One of the men broke his bed and used a piece of iron to damage a door to the rooftop to escape. They tied a number of bed sheets together as a makeshift rope and climbed down from the rooftop to the backyard. Then they jumped over the wall and ran away.

A policeman said E.A, J.Q. and two others escaped.

Police detained E.A. and J.Q., who were caught hiding in a deserted villa in Al Hamriya.

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