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UAE urges citizens to stay away from Lebanon

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Foreign Ministry has urged citizens not to travel to Lebanon until the tense security situation there is cleared.

Eisa Abdullah Al Kalbani, the Director of UAE Nationals Affairs Department in the ministry, said that the measure is part of the government's keenness to guarantee the safety of its citizens.
Al Kalbani also appealed to UAE citizens already in Lebanon to leave, and told those who needed to stay due to unavoidable circumstances reasons to contact the UAE embassy in Beirut on the hotline 009611857000 to give information about their whereabouts and contact details.

Al Kalbani also stressed the importance of registering with the "Tawajudi" service through the web portal at the time of travelling abroad.

Fighting prompted by sectarian tensions in neighbouring Syria has unsettled areas near Lebanon's northern port of Tripoli in the past week.

Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Lebanon last month warned Saudis to stay away from Lebanon's border areas, after two Saudi citizens were kidnapped and tortured for eight days, before being freed in a joint Saudi-Lebanese operation.

With input from Reuters

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