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Treacherous bend at Al Quoz

Ever since I moved to a new office at Al Quoz, Dubai, I frequently travel in this area and have noticed that one of its roads requires maintenance.

This road is located near the Al Quoz bus stand. There is hardly space for vehicles of any size to travel on this stretch, and when heading towards the main road, there are chances that vehicles might get hit.

Motorists have a very bumpy ride on this road which needs to be repaired.

I don't see any maintenance taking place and this condition has been there for a long time. There is an open pothole on the road and those who take a right turn have to slow down as the road is cracked and needs to be repaved.

Pedestrians can also be seen crossing the road from undesignated areas, putting their own lives at stake as well as the lives of motorists.

This is a road that seems to be waiting for an accident to take place and it needs proper maintenance work so that we can all enjoy a smooth drive.

— The reader is based in Dubai

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