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369 truckers fined for traffic violations

Sharjah: Police have fined as many as 369 truckers during the last month for violating traffic rules along highways and other roads in Sharjah.

Sharjah Police issued the traffic fines during a campaign that was held from January 19 to February 2 against heavy vehicles and trucks that violated traffic rules.

"The drivers were fined because their trucks did not have tyres fit for the roads and whose tail lights were not working properly," said an official at Sharjah Police.


Trucks found flouting federal traffic rules were fined. Other offences include driving in foggy conditions without using dim lights and not renewing the vehicle's registration after it has expired, in addition to overloading their vehicle and not renewing their driver's licence.

Sharjah Police will carry out the traffic campaign throughout the year and will target several areas of the city where trucks and heavy vehicles frequently pass through, including Emirates Road and Bypass Road.

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