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Sharjah Museums Department Hosts First Health Education Exhibition At Sharjah Science Museum

The Health Education Department of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in cooperation with Sharjah Museums Department (SMD) yesterday opened the first Health Education Exhibition at the Sharjah Science Museum.

The health event, which runs from 7-9 February from 9am to 2pm, was opened under the patronage of and in the presence of Mariam Al Roumi, Minister of Social Affairs.

The three-day health exhibition is aimed at identifying the Health Education Department and its affiliated bodies as well as at spreading health awareness about healthy behaviors and healthy lifestyles among the public.

A number of events and workshops targeting both adults and minors are held as part of the health exhibition with the participation of a large number of government bodies from various emirates.

Commenting on the event, Manal Ataya, SMD Director General, said, hosting the health exhibition at the Sharjah Science Museum comes as part of the initiative "Because We Care" with the aim of raising health awareness in the community.

She underlined the need to hold such exhibitions in order to educate the public about medical topics and raise their awareness about causes of diseases and preventive measures particularly among young age groups and families.

Sharjah Aquarium is participating in the event with two small aquariums, the first of which contains various marine species, offering the opportunity for the visiting students to experience and learn about marine environment and biodiversity in the UAE.

The second aquarium does not contain marine species, but contains water polluted by harmful substances called pollutants to educate school children about the need to preserve marine environment and its biodiversity.

A wide range of events are held as part of the health exhibition, including workshops for children, such as school lunch bang, a journey into the human body, dangers of plastic bags, teeth cleaning, agricultural methods at home, dangers of child obesity and diabetes check up, among others. A workshop on paper recycling is also organized by the Sharjah Science Museum, while the Sharjah Environment and Natural Reserves Authority is organizing a workshop titled "What the Nature Gives US", and another workshop on how to grow a plant.

The Health Education Department at Sharjah Municipality is organizing activities for educating children about types of dangerous toys, while Dubai Municipality will distribute a booklet on food chain, and pamphlets on osteoporosis. The World of Edutainment will distribute storybooks, booklets and games for children, while Desert Group will offer saplings for planting. The House of Fun is participating in the event through entertaining games and sand drawing, while Kalimat Publishing House is participating by distribution of leaflets and educational storybooks. A show on the importance of water will be performed Sharjah Scouts.

Workshops and activities organized by the Health Education Department also include nutritional counseling and measurement of body mass and body fat. Friends of Cancer Patients also participate effectively in the event by spreading awareness about breast cancer and distribution leaflets and the Pink Caravan’s products. Meanwhile, Friends of Arthritis Patient’s participating is represented in offering free examination of osteoporosis and distribution of the society’s publications. Society of Kidney Patients Friends offers free blood pressure Measurement for visitor, while Breastfeeding Association offers advices on breastfeeding.

The Sharjah Medical Zone is organizing awareness activities awareness on human heart health. There are other events organized by the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority , Ajman Department of Public Health and Environment and Abu Dhabi Municipality which organizes lectures on the importance of slaughter in slaughterhouses and dangers of slaughtering outside slaughterhouses, dangers of black henna, dangers of prohibited consumer goods on human health, and dangers of cosmetics violating health rules, in addition to educational events on the importance of not throwing waste and cigarette butts.

The Nutrition Department of the Dubai Health Authority will offer examination of osteoporosis and Sharjah Municipality will distribute educational brochures on the hazards of cosmetics and dangerous children’s toys. The motherhood and childhood Centre is organizing awareness events on breastfeeding and breast cancer.

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