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Dubai Police crack murder committed in 2007

Dubai: The Dubai Police have cracked a murder committed in 2007 thanks to a tip-off from a source based overseas.

Based on the new information, the police formed a team to investigate the case leading to the arrest of three men, who confessed to the crime and led the team to the Omani border where the victim's body was buried.

A team of investigators with sniffer dogs went to Al Rawda to search for the body on Wednesday. Since considerable time had lapsed since the incident, it is nearly impossible to find the place where the body was buried, but police are still looking.

A DNA sample was taken from the victim's children.

According to Brigadier Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Director-General of the Criminal Investigation Department at the Dubai Police, the three Pakistani men, along with a fourth suspect, who is still on the run, were living in Sharjah when the crime was committed almost five years ago.

In July 2007, the four suspects and the victim had an argument over money while consuming alcohol leading to the murder. The next day, the suspects took the body to the Al Rawda area on the Omani border and buried it there, Brig Al Mansouri said.

With the cooperation of the Sharjah Police, the investigating team identified the residence of the four suspects and arrested three of them. The fourth had left the country a while ago.

Brig Al Mansouri said the suspects initially denied the charges, but later confessed.

Police also released the picture of the victim, but did not reveal his identity.

The murder was neither reported nor was a missing person case filed about the victim, who was a divorcee with two children aged 17 and 11 from an Arab wife.The wife said that she had lost contact with her ex-husband as a result of the divorce.

The police found out that the victim's brothers had come looking for him many times in the UAE. However, they never reported him missing.

Brig Al Mansourie thanked the Oman Police for assisting in the search. He urged all residents to file a report immediately in case anyone goes missing as swift police action can save a life or help solve a crime promptly. The suspects have been referred to the Sharjah Police.

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