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Green idea: Tinted solution

DUBAI: Use of solar control window films in homes and offices can help residents save energy and bring down electricity bills by 15-30 per cent, a Dubai-based "green thinker" claims.

Gavin Bannerman, from the UK, who has installed solar control window films in 109 homes and offices in the last one year, said: "Air-conditioning in our homes accounts for 70 per cent of energy bills. Outside temperatures here crossed 40 degrees Celsius and put a huge load on our air-cooling units which we normally turn on 24 hours a day. This in turn has a huge effect on our energy bills."

He said window films help reduce the amount of solar energy transmitted into a room through glass windows and doors by rejecting both visible and infrared light. The majority of window films also block 99 per cent of ultra-violet light believed to be the main cause of skin cancer.

"With the reduced amount of solar energy comes a reduced load of work for the air-conditioning unit. The film reduces temperatures by 2-3 degrees and the air-conditioning unit doesn't have to work as hard. It not only keeps the heat out but retains the cool air, making the air-conditioner's job easier," said Bannerman.

"In terms of savings, the reduced workload means less power (kW/h) required to run the air-conditioning unit which, in turn, impacts the electricity bill and carbon footprint," he said.

He said villa and apartment owners in new Dubai areas are successfully controlling hot spots and sun-drenched areas in their homes by installing window films. The cost of installing the films is Dh160 to Dh180 per square metre, depending on the type of the film.

"The films are durable and can last for 30-40 years. In fact, they come with a lifetime warranty," said Bannerman of Laminas who supplies and installs the films.

Use of window films helps:

Reduce heat

Save energy

Reject glare

Block UV rays

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