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Man says he was mentally ill when he stabbed girlfriend

Dubai: A businessman has denied attempting to stab his girlfriend to death and claimed in court yesterday he was unaware of what happened because he was on medication.

Prosecutors accused the 39-year-old businessman, A.K., of premeditatedly attempting to murder his 27-year-old girlfriend, N.B., and leaving her with a ten per cent permanent disability.

"I don't recall what happened on that day at all. I suffer from a mental illness and was on medication… Police had detained me for while and when I was brought in for questioning, I was informed about what I did. I was not aware of what I did on that day," said A.K., an Emirati, when he defended himself before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

Swift intervention

Prosecutors accused A.K. of stabbing N.B. with a knife with the intention of killing her. Swift medical intervention helped save her. A.K. was also charged with threatening to kill three men if they told the police he stabbed N.B.

The housemaid said she and A.K. had been having a relationship for two years.

"I used to go to his place where we chatted and had consensual sex."

She said on that day they had a heated argument and she fled from him. Records said she hid outside his villa for nearly 90 minutes and when A.K. saw her he stabbed her in the head.

The trial continues.

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