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Driver accused of molesting pupil claims it was just a ‘vampire' game

Dubai: A driver claimed that he bit a 6-year-old schoolgirl's cheeks and neck while playing a vampire game with her while denying molestation charges in court on Thursday.

"I acted as a vampire and we were playing a game when I bit her neck, cheeks and thighs … but I did not kiss or molest her," the 21-year-old Sri Lankan driver said before the Dubai Court of First Instance yesterday.

Prosecutors accused 21-year-old D.W. of sexually molesting the British schoolgirl by kissing her neck, cheeks and thighs.

Chief Prosecutor Khalid Al Zarouni has asked for the implementation of the toughest punishment applicable, and which is three to 15 years in jail.

When the defendant appeared in court, he defended himself before Presiding Judge Jasem Al Beloushi: "I did not molest her it was just a vampire game … and she is the one who came to me and asked me to play with her."

According to the charge sheet, the suspect is said to have taken advantage the child's innocence and offered to play a vampire game with her.

He then took advantage of the fact that she was alone so he kissed her and molested her.

The schoolgirl was quoted claiming to prosecutors that she asked the defendant to play with her. Then he offered to play a vampire with her and bit and sucked her neck and cheeks and thighs.

Meanwhile, the girl's mother said she went to work on that day and left her daughter with the housemaid.

"When I returned home, I spotted some signs and marks on my girl's body. She told me that the housemaid's friend [the suspect] left those marks on her body. My daughter claimed that the defendant offered to play with her like vampires and he kissed and bit her body.

"When I contacted my husband, he claimed he was not aware of the marks. Then I reported the case to the police," claimed the mother.

Prosecution records said the mother took her daughter to a general practitioner for a medical check up.

The practitioner testified that after examining the girl he discovered redness and bruising on the skin substantiating the fact that she was kissed, bitten and sucked in the areas around her neck, cheek and thighs.

The court reconvenes on March 8.

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