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Stay Connected While Roaming Anywhere In The GCC For As Little As 90 Fils A Minute From du

The best roaming deal in the GCC is still the best for du mobile customers. That’s because du customers have the choice of opting for either Passport or One World One Rate (GCC) offer. While travelling in the GCC all customer can call back home or within the GCC at only 90 fils* per minute using Passport. Customers who opt for One World One Rate just need to pay AED 1 per minute for calls made to any number of the visited country in the GCC and just pay AED 2.4 per minute for voice calls to the UAE or other GCC countries. It is truly an unbeatable choice available anywhere within the GCC.

Explaining the powerful proposition for du customers roaming in the GCC, Farid Faraidooni, Chief Commercial Officer, du, said: “Our customers visiting any country in the GCC have a choice in roaming propositions – which truly makes them stand out. Depending on their needs and preferences, they can either decide to go in for our Passport which offers an ultra low calling rate of 90 fils a minute or opt for the unified One World One Rate, which is now the norm across the GCC.”

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