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Abu Dhabi student scoops top honour

Abu Dhabi: Swetha Ganesan enjoyed the subject at school, but it was not something she was particularly passionate about.

So it was a great shock when the 18-year-old learnt she had not only attained an A* in her A-level business examination, but that her score had actually placed her first in the Cambridge International Examinations' global ranks.

"When the results were released [on August 18], I actually got a call from the examination board but I thought it was a prank and didn't take it seriously. It was only after I went to the school to check my grade I found out it was actually true," Swetha, an Indian expatriate, said.

"Even though it's been a few months since I found out, it still hasn't quite sunk in… my parents wanted to get me a gift but I'm not sure if I'll take them up on that offer since I can't think of anything I'd like. My friends and I celebrated though, they gave me a big hug because they were so proud of me."

University life

The former Cambridge High School pupil added she had also got an A* in history and an A in IT.

"Since history is a big passion of mine I thought that subject would be the one I would receive top grades in but I'm so amazed that I was able to get the highest score, especially since I worked hard to do well in that subject," she said.

Despite her achievement, Swetha, who is in her first year at Nottingham University in the UK, revealed she is pursuing a degree in law.

"I knew I wanted to study law since I was in the ninth grade…I had considered pursuing a degree in history but I was worried about the limited career options… I may consider going into business law in the future."

The youngest of triplets, her sister Shruti is studying fashion design in Dubai, and her brother, Viraj, is studying dentistry in India. Swetha added she was looking forward to returning to university life.

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