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SLC Concludes Its ’Miniature" Workshops

The Art & Educational Center at Sharjah Ladies Club concludes its Islamic arts workshops by holding an effective workshop, titled “Calligraphy Islamic Art” part of the various workshops and activities within the 14th Islamic Arts Festival “Miniatures 2011”. The workshop was presented by artist Narjes Noor El Deen, who taught the participating women the basics of calligraphy drawing.

At first, Narjes welcomed participants of the workshop and spoke in general about the art of Calligraphy, its types, preparations, and drawing it. Narjes explained that calligraphy art is a form of ancient art using special tools and skill. Narjes pointed out that all the tools used for this art derived from natural ingredients, such as the ink used for writing, wooden pens that can be controlled and prepared easily, and natural glue used in mixing it with ink. Then Narjes taught the participants the basis of calligraphy art, by drawing each letter and symbol with the ladies. In conclusion the ladies enjoyed their time and used every advice given by Narjes, through coming out with beautiful artworks.

“The Islamic Arts festival is considered one of the most important artistic events in the Emirate Sharjah, which consists of various activities and events and sheds the light on one of the most important and most ancient arts which is the Islamic arts. This type of art where its history was studied by Arabs and western researches, and we value and appreciate the efforts that have sought to develop this art which was flexible enough to embrace the elements of modernity, where it also preserved the Islamic originality and identity. In this sense, the participation of the Art & Educational Center is obliged to participate in such festival as we are keen to disseminate the technical and aesthetic values of Islamic art and encourage young talent to practice this type of art, which consists of various lines including decoration and precise inscriptions which require careful detail and beauty”, said Sara Al Marzouqi, Art & Educational Center Manager.

The workshop hosted approximately 15 women of different ages who learned several techniques in calligraphy art. In conclusion, participants kept all art pieces that were produced by them during the workshop.

It is worth mentioning that the Art & Educational Center organized such workshops to develop and refine talents through new, easy techniques, suitable for all ages. In addition, the center also held various and other workshops in Islamic arts part of the Miniatures Festival. Such workshops conducted by artists Tauseef al Mulla, Narjes Noor El Deen, and Shahira Sarry.

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