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Improved care for expectant mothers in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: Expectant mothers in the emirate of Abu Dhabi will soon be able to reduce the risks to their health and the health of their future children as a result of improved access to rigorous screening and counselling before and during their pregnancy.

The screenings and regular checks are part of the new mandatory antenatal standards for all licensed health care facilities across the emirate, which were announced by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) yesterday.

Enhanced preventive care will ensure that both the mother and baby are fit, said Dr Jennifer Moore, section head of family and school health at the HAAD.

In line with standards

"Many health care facilities already deliver proper care to women of reproductive age. Still, we want to be certain that all hospitals and clinics are in line with these standards and provide every woman with the same level of care," Dr Moore said.

Health care facilities in the emirate have already been notified of these standards, which were developed following an analysis conducted last year by maternal health experts.

"The guidelines detail what screenings are required at each stage of pregnancy, as well as the information that has to be provided to women before conception and during pregnancy.

According to the HAAD's statistics, 29,327 babies were born in the emirate in 2010.

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