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SCAD releases latest report on prices of building materials in the emirate of Abu Dhabi (final add)

WAM Abu Dhabi, Jan 14th, 2012 (WAM)--xxxx. Per cent. The average prices of fifteen commodity groups increased during Q4 2011 compared with Q4 2010. Increases ranged between 0.8 per cent for "Cement" and 30.7 per cent for "Transport equipment".

Among these commodities "Aggregates '&' Sand" increased by 19.9 per cent, "Tiles and Marble" by 13.5 per cent, "Wires for Residential Towers" by 13.4 per cent and "Waterproofing Products" by 11.8 per cent.

The average price for diesel stabilised during Q4 2011, compared with Q4 2010. Some other commodity groups showed a decline in average prices during Q4 2011, compared with Q4 2010. Prices of (PVC) Pipes fell by 8.0 per cent, Block by 6.4 per cent, and Natural Stone by 5.9 per cent.


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