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Groupon Direct - 160766: Save 53% in Shopping

To eradicate dust, one can try blowing off the particles, wiping it off with bare hands, or simply chewing it to fine perfection. But in today’s modern time, Freddie Mercury’s call to bite the dust isn’t exactly to a dentist’s liking anymore. Embrace modernity with today’s Groupon: a motorized duster that makes cleaning easy and so effortless for AED 140 instead of AED 300.


Go Duster is a revolutionary battery operated duster that allows one to clean and wipe away even those elusive dust tucked inside shelves, plants, blinds, electronics and on well-loved collectibles. Its ergonomic handle is certain to smitten young and especially adult users. Go Duster comes with a bottle of Multi-Surface Dusting Spray sure to grab and trap dust without letting them escape. Go Duster is easy to wash: simply rinse the dusting head under a faucet and dry before using it again. The Go Dust package comes with one extra long head brush, one medium head brush, one mini head brush, plus one extension handle and one storage shelf.


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