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Police deny woman confessed to helping kill her daughter

Dubai: A 30-year-old woman who survived a suicide bid has been placed in psychiatric care at Rashid Hospital, Gulf News has learnt.

The woman was hospitalised after an apparent suicide attempt by slashing her wrists and neck at her Bur Dubai residence on Saturday morning.

She was found by Dubai Police, screaming in pain, in her apartment, alongside her daughter's body. Her husband's body was found hanging from the ceiling.

The Indian family — Rijesh, 32, his wife Sreesha and daughter Avantika, 5, — was living in a building behind Al Musalla Tower.

Based on post-mortem examinations, Dubai Police confirmed that the girl was smothered with a pillow and that the man hanged himself. The mother is yet to be interrogated.

"Initially she was very hysterical and had to be given sedatives. But later she became very calm, and it seems like she does not recollect anything," a source said.

Intensive care

She was first kept at the Intensive Care Unit and later moved to the ward, after her wounds were stitched up. On Sunday, she was moved to the psychiatric ward.

The wounds, two on her neck and one on her wrist, are not very deep, according to the source.

"Sreesha seems to think her child is at the day care centre and that her husband is at work," a person close to the family said.

Denying media reports that the woman confessed to helping her husband kill their daughter before he hanged himself, Brigadier Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Director of Dubai Police's Criminal Investigation Department, said the woman did not speak at all.

Reports on Monday said the woman spoke briefly and confessed that she had held down her daughter while her husband smothered the five-year-old with a pillow.

"The woman has been moved to the psychiatric ward in the hospital, and her mental condition does not allow questioning," Al Mansouri said.

Final charges

According to Al Mansouri, the woman will be charged with attempted suicide, but it is up to the Public Prosecution to decide the final charges upon completing investigations.

The man left two suicide notes, one to his family here and back home, and the other to police, in which he explained the reasons behind his decision to kill himself and his family, police said.

According to UAE laws, attempting to commit suicide is a criminal offence that mandates a fine of up to Dh5,000 and/or six months imprisonment.

If proven that she had taken part in suffocating her daughter, the woman may also face charges of murder.

No signs of distress

In his suicide note, the man mentioned that he was having financial problems, and that he had problems with his former boss, who is also an Indian.

As Gulf News reported on Sunday, Rijesh's brother Ribesh, who lives with his family in Sharjah, said that he did not spot any signs of distress and everything seemed to be fine.

"He [Rijesh] wrote that the former boss came to his house and threatened him, accusing him of cheating ... Rijesh denied cheating anyone and wrote that he is ending his life," Ribesh said.

Indian Consulate officials said on Monday they visited Sreesha, and that she is not in a position to speak. The consulate will be in touch with the relatives and will extend all support to the family, officials said.

When contacted, the former boss, P.N., said he met Rijesh on Friday night but denied having anything to do with his suicide. "The news came as a shock to me. He called me on Friday around 9.45pm and asked me to meet him to collect a cheque for Dh15,000 which he owed me," P.N. said.

"He gave me the cheque, that's all. There were no big issues," he said.

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