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Bee’ah Hails Success For Recycling Initiative Launched In Ramadan

MyBee’ah, a community engagement initiative by Bee’ah – the Middle East’s leading and award-winning integrated environmental and waste management company – launched a Ramadan recycling initiative on August 1st, 2011 resulting in improved waste audits.

Results show that waste collection in Ramadan this year increased by 10% compared to the waste audit for Ramadan last year. An average of 8,140 tonnes per week was collected and transported to Bee’ah’s Waste Management Complex at Al Saj’ah for processing into recyclable paper, cardboard, plastics and aluminium while organic waste was sent for composting.

"We are extremely pleased with how the initiative has been received by residents and the results show how popular our campaign was. The new initiative educates residents on the importance of the environmental principle of the three Rs – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and has helped to considerably reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill," commented Mr. Khaled Al Huraimel, Chief Executive Officer of Bee’ah, “which underlines that our residents really are committed to recycling, and we will be working hard to keep providing them with solutions to save their environment."

An increase of 17.41% of household waste is generated during Ramadan of which 24% is made up of plastic bottles and organic waste. Sharjah residents have expressed their need for informative guidelines from Bee’ah on how and where they can take their recyclable waste, as well as other interesting facts and tips on how they can help lead an example as environmental advocates within their community.

Bee’ah launched the awareness-raising campaign at the beginning of Ramadan to educate the public and encourage them to adopt environmentally sustainable lifestyles. The campaign’s purpose was to inform residents to reduce the amount of waste and recycled items which otherwise end up in landfills across the UAE. The project has been launched in 3 of Sharjah’s prominent and highest footfall locations, namely: Al Qasba, Sahara Centre and Mega Mall. Informational kiosks featuring special Ramadan calendars, highlight useful facts and tips on how people can reduce their consumption of food, water and energy, as well as the importance of recycling. The aim is to promote environmental advocacy and urge the public to share this message with their family, friends and neighbours. After all, Ramadan is about caring for others and this is the best time to care for the planet.

The uniquely created Ramadan calendar contains simple guidelines on how individuals can reduce their waste by choosing items with less packaging and turning off the TV when not in use; re-use paper bags or give an item to someone who needs it instead of throwing them away; as well as easy ways to bring in recyclables such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and aluminium cans to the Bee’ah Recycling Depot at Al Qasba.

Bee’ah, was recently awarded “Best Waste Management Company of the Year in the Middle East” by the Facilities Management Award for adopting international best practices, with various significant accomplishments to enhance the Emirate’s environment and achievements in added-value commercial ventures, while upholding its commitments to Sharjah’s community.

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